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Dreamy Child Photography By San Antonio Child Photographer

May 7, 2017

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Dreamy Child Photography, capturing it and creating it.

 Magic is everywhere if we just look for it.

Everything their young minds do is magical, or has the possibility to be.

My goal as a fine art child photographer is to create special ways to capture what I know is so special to children and parents. To turn everyday memories into extraordinary photographs that will be cherished for years to come.

My in home natural light studio is a sweet place for making sweet memories. But you can create a great setup in your very own HOME! Read on! 🙂

Magical Child Portraits

The big thing this year is Unicorns. I love a sweet and simple designs like this Stuffed Throw Unicorn from Target.

I also recommend sticking to a monochromatic color pallet, this really helps to pull an image together as a cohesive set.

Target Unicorn

One of the biggest factors for great photographs is the light. All of my photos are captured with 100% natural light, so there

is no need to go out and break the bank on a complicated lighting system, unless you really want one. But for me, I like to use what I have on hand. Including my light and my decor. Find the brightest room in your home and then pull up your window blinds. Keeping in mind the brightest time of day for that room. For me its earlier in the morning, plus that is when my kids are in the best mood.

A HUGE factor in taking great photographs of your kiddos is to plan it around THEIR schedule, and not your own. This might mean shooting early in the morning, which could mean that setting everything up the night before would be a great option.

I tend to like to have things ready to go before hand, because lets face it, kids are unpredictable little humans. Keep that in mind! Sometimes they’ll be up for things and some days they just wont. Kids have moods and once they decide it’s a no go I usually digress and move on to the rest of our day.
Dreamy Child Photography

I like to find things that interest my children when I’m trying to photograph them. Keeping in mind that not every photo has to be of them smiling at the camera all posed and ready. The photos I love the most are of them interacting with one another, naturally. Ready is our favorite pass time, so naturally I knew they’d take to it. Here sit down and read this book to sissy, boom! DONE!

One of our favorite Children’s Books is I’d Know You Anywhere  by Nancy Tillman. It’s a sweet reminder that our children can change anyway they’d like but we’ll always know them. If  you’d like to create your own magical setup just think simple. I have found that using a simple palette works best for creating a setup that focuses on my subjects. I found my pillows and girls dresses as well as the unicorn at my local Target.  Now, lets be honest.

When decorating any space, and that includes a custom photography set, it’s hard to find everything you desire in just one trip. To avoid the stress of this I keep my sweet idea in the back of my head and bring it out when I visit my favorite stores.  World Market  is another fun place that has unique items worth investing in for your home as well as photography items. My trick is to buy items that i can use throughout my home as well as for my photography sessions. Win Win! 

There is magic in the small everyday moments, all you have to do is look for it. I’ve found that the best

opportunities for Dreamy Child Photography are the ones where children are natural and doing what they actually love to do. 

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