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New Braunfels Newborn Photographer | Gorgeous Newborn Photography Session | New Braunfels Studio

June 14, 2017

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When Addison’s mommy first contacted me to set up her photography session she was probably still in her first trimester!

I wasn’t able to photograph her older sister because she shares a birthday with my very own little girl, so I was so excited to be able to photograph her little sister, Addison!

I absolutely love to incorporate fresh flowers into my New Braunfels Newborn Photography Sessions. Fresh Flowers and Fresh babies go together so well! New Braunfels Newborn PhotographerThis little bonnet is so sweet and it’s just the right shade of purple. I love to keep my sessions simple and keep the focus on baby, but a little simple color goes a long way in making a session bright and sweet. This photo of Addison is probably my favorite from her session. This sage set is gorgeous and I love her hair!

She was so sweet during her newborn session! I love how easily a newborn wraps right up into this pose. It just feels natural to them after 9 months in a tiny womb.
And this pose, It’s my favorite newborn photography pose! New Braunfels Newborn Photographer This little outfit is one of my favorites! New Braunfels Newborn Photographer New Braunfels Newborn Photographer New Braunfels Newborn Photographer New Braunfels Newborn Photographer Oh gosh, just baby and flowers. What more could you want!?

New Braunfels Newborn Photographer If you are looking for a Newborn Photographer I would love to be your photographer. My clients always love their images and experience, contact me today!

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