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December 22, 2017

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After a long nine months of waiting and planning and baby prepping, your baby arrives and it will all slip by before you know it.

You’ll promise to soak it all in and recall all the smallest moments, their baby smell, the weight of them in your arms, the way you feel holding them. You think you’ll recall these moments but as the sleepless nights flow into tired days and messy kitchens and sore breast and piles of laundry, the small things you wished to recall slip away. They fall in between emotional nights of cluster feeding and gassy tummies and wearing your maternity pants even after you’ve delivered.

These moments. The ones that changed your life, the ones that made you a mother, these are the reason your baby and you deserve a newborn session. Is it hard to get out of the house with a brand new baby? Yes. Every time you go to leave it will take at least an hour and a 20 lb diaper bag of “things,” so many things and you’ll need them all.

Will you regret it? ever?

The simple answer is no, absolutely not. You will only ever regret not having your newborn’s first days of life captured.

These first days of life where your new baby is so small and fresh, when she’s curly and new, these moments yearn to be captured.

Mothers almost always cry when they view their newborn’s gallery. They’ve changed so much in just a short amount of time. You can’t capture her sweet face like this with a cell phone. You’re busy soaking her all in, and you should be.

So gift yourself the gift that she’ll be able to cherish for her entire life, her newborn session.



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