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New baby Studio located in New Braunfels Texas

March 16, 2018

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I am so excited to announce my brand new Baby Studio located in New Braunfels Texas !

It’s been a long road of growth and work behind the scenes but here she is !

I am so excited to finally share my Newborn, Family and Baby Studio that is now open next to Buccee’s in New Braunfels

Just a mile from Target and Creekside Shopping Center! This is the perfect spot for my out of town and San Antonio clients enjoy New Braunfels while they’re in town.


My studio is just a cozy 300 square feet which has been perfect for newborn and baby sessions.

In my previous in home studio, there was a lot of additional space, but I found that since I use natural light I stuck next to the windows.

Leaving the remaining space unused. This little spot happened by chance and I absolutely love it!

My dream has always been to have a store front studio, but finding a space small enough to suite my needs proved to be a challenge.

I found this little spot just after we moved to New Braunfels, and it was Heaven sent!

When we are in the right place, God will lead the way and he sure has!



All Things girly. Okay ya’ll, its not secret that I have three daughters, and so naturally my studio is adornded with their photos. I promise I’ll be putting up some more boy artwork ASAP!

But for now, all things girly. My little space is a reflection of my own personality, and so it’s bright and fun with a touch of vintage charm. Much like me my studio is warm and inviting.

I hope that you choose me to be your photographer, I would love for you to stop by and say hi and check out my new space!

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