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Why it’s so important to hire The Perfect Newborn Photographer

May 22, 2018

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When it comes to your new baby every little detail is important. As new parents you’ll be bombarded with an array of things to purchase, but NOTHING will last like the investment you make in your baby’s first portraits.

Newborn sessions are done in the first 15 days of your baby’s life. This time GOES BY SO QUICKLY! And truly once it passes, you can not have it back.
You’ll try your best to remember all of their tiny details, but as a mother of three, I can promise you, you won’t. It is just not possible. I remember holding my babies and trying my best to engrave their faces into my mind, their whisp of hair, tiny fingers and perfect toes. The details of their eyebrows, and softness of their fresh baby skin. As you raise them, it all flows together in one large swoop of time. You’ll look up one day, and realize your newborn is 2 years old, she walks and talks and speaks, and she’s independent. Gone are the days she fit in the palms of your hands, when you nursed her and carefully changed her, making sure to be gentle with her tiny arms, pulling fingers through long sleeved onesies like a brand new pro.

Babies grow and change so quickly in the first few days of life. As they grow your view of them is always updated with their current stage. You baby is 2, you see her as always being 2 and so forth.

The amount of money you invest in the photos won’t matter in a year, or two or lets be honest.. EVER, but the quality of the photos you invest in, will matter. Money will come and go, but these photographs can not be redone, they can not be replicated, they are FOREVER.

So I urge new parents, to STOP shopping for a photographer based solely on PRICE!  This is not an outfit, or a crib sheet, this is the preservation of your child’s first days of life.

When shopping for a photographer, look first for style and quality of the photographer’s work. Does the photographer’s work make your heart sing?  Is the styling something you love, would you be proud to display these photos in your home for the rest of your lives? These are the things that are important!

To be honest, just as with anything you purchase for your new baby, quality matters! Only, this investment will last forever and ever and ever. Your Grandchildren will look upon these photos! Ya’ll, that is pretty amazing!

So the next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect newborn photographer, look for quality, style, experience and safety. Go for the whole enchilada, because your baby, and her memories, deserve the very best. 

If price is an issue, find the perfect photographer and ask for a payment plan! Ask about a baby registry ! Most photographer’s will offer a payment plan and baby registry for FREE!

Ask what discounts they might have, or for Heaven’s sake, start saving up for it now! You have 9 months to save money for this special session 🙂

San Antonio Newborn Session

When photographing a brand new baby every detail is important to me. These are the very first images you’ll have of your baby, their tiny details, the way their face looks, how small they are in your hands. I take pride in providing my clients with the most enjoyable session experience both before and after their session.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from this sweet girl’s newborn session. Every image is my favorite!

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