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2 year magical milestone session | outdoor child photography

June 8, 2016

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I’ll always live in a place where childhood is magical. Where these moments are so precious and so fleeting that I just melt watching them play. I can’t help but notice the way parents react to the way I interact with their children. I suppose they are always surprised at the immediate connection I have with them, even the stinkers, the fussy ones. I love them all. I am the oldest of 6 children and 16 grandchildren, and I have 3 young daughters, being in their world just comes naturally to me, and I love it.



2 year old magical outdoor photography session

When you stand back and allow them to just, ‘be’ you’ll see what they see. You’ll see so much more. I always ask parents to stand back, to allow them to just play, to not fuss over the hair and the shoes and the headbands. It’s the loose falling baby hair that we aim to capture after all isn’t it? The her that is messy and fast and wondrous. 



I’ve been photographing Harper since she was just 6 months old, and look what a doll she’s blossomed into.

Such a simple game of peek a boo that turned into some beautiful smiles. I aim to capture the real interactions that are already there. I can always tell the difference between a cheese, and a belly laugh! Belly Laughs are the BEST!2016-04-21_00032016-04-21_00042016-04-21_00052016-04-21_0006

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