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Birthday Photography by Nancy Berger | San Antonio Cake Smash Photographer

June 21, 2016


Oh my gosh would you look at that hair ! Red heads are my favorite to photograph, especially in the sunset.

Haye’s first session with me he had this adorable little red curl at the top of his head, gah he was an adorable 6 month old and now he’s grown in to an adorable 1 year old.

I feel like my life is filled with girls, I have three girls of my own and I feel as though the majority of my clients have been girls this year, which I love but having ta baby boy session is a

really fun treat for this all girl mama.

First Birthday Photo Session, Cake Smash by Nancy Berger

First Birthday Photo Session, Cake Smash by Nancy Berger

2016-06-19_00022016-06-19_00032016-06-19_00042016-06-19_00052016-06-19_00062016-06-19_0007It was clear to me that this little guy as all BOY ! He waned to explore everything he saw and even attacked the decor puffs !

At first he wasn’t interested in his cake, but then I gave him a spoon.

Naturally a spoon is required for proper cake smashing !

2016-06-19_00082016-06-19_00092016-06-19_00102016-06-19_00112016-06-19_00122016-06-19_00132016-06-19_0014 Cake smashing fun is actually quiet messy. In my studio I like to end a proper cake smash with a proper tub bath. They go together quiet well. 2016-06-19_0015

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