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Maternity Session by South Texas Photographer Nancy Berger

June 21, 2016

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As a mother of three, maternity sessions always melt my heart. It just seems so magical that there is a baby in a belly.

I love to look at my girls, I could do it for hours if time allowed and the chores didn’t need to be done, but thats another story for another post. I look at my babies as I am sure most mamas do and I stare at the miracle of them. That I helped to create that little life, my body did that. My body grew a human and then birthed it. Amazing.

Adding a child to your family is a scary thought, but then when you are all together and it happens, it all feels right. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this new little person in your lives.

I always tell parents that its okay to wonder if you’ll love your second baby as much as you loved your first. I remember balling my eyes out the night before I had my second daughter. I laid in bed with my first born, I held her and I cried and cried. I knew that our lives and our relationship would never be the same. I was right.

Things did change, but our hearts grew the day she was born. I felt like the Grinch, where his tiny heart brew three times. That is what happens every time you add a child to your family, your heart literally expands. It has to to be filled with so much love.


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