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November 19, 2016

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Sweet newborn baby girl Ariana Isabella came to my natural light studio just 9 days after she was born. Little did I know that she was a full 9lbs of beautiful baby girl!


I have always wanted to have a 10lb baby of my own, but I never got one. All of my babies were around 6lbs. So anytime I get a chunky newborn in my studio I am SO Excited! newbornphotographer_0088

Ariana was so sleepy and oh so sweet for her session. I ended up with several beautiful setups from her session.

Would you look at that perfect baby chub! She’s So squishy! newbornphotographer_0093newbornphotographer_0094newbornphotographer_0095newbornphotographer_0096newbornphotographer_0097

My favorite photos always end up being the ones with mama and daddy, especially ones with baby and her new mama. newbornphotographer_0098These days go by so so fast. This pose means so much to me, I wish I could squish my 1 year old up and fit her in the crest of my chest, just one more time.

But time is a thief.

When mamas hold their baby in this pose they can really feel how small their baby is. I ask them to close their eyes and feel how tiny their baby is, smell their baby, and they always relax and melt into the feeling of their very own tiny creation.

You did this mama, your body made this incredible little human being. Amazing isn’t it?


First family portrait. This. right here.

This is family. I wish them all a lifetime of love and happiness.

When times get busy and she’s up crying at night or teething, or has a fussy tummy, may they relish in the moments.

May her mama soak her baby up and gain a new understanding of love and a patience.

I always say that my heart grew with each baby I had, space was filled that I never even knew was there.
newbornphotographer_0100Every mother feels “not herself” after she’s given birth. You’ve created a life, a new heartbeat outside of your body.

But every mama ends up loving the photos that include her. I am a self cautious mama myself and I know how you feel,

But do it, just do it. Wake up and fix your hair and come and see me for your session. I promise you will not regret it.


Daddy daughter poses, no words needed. newbornphotographer_0103newbornphotographer_0104

That little side pose and that hand on her chubby thigh, Oh I  MELT!newbornphotographer_0105newbornphotographer_0106

Nothing is more girly than this sweet little prop and some girly colors. Those baby toes! newbornphotographer_0107newbornphotographer_0108newbornphotographer_0109newbornphotographer_0110newbornphotographer_0111newbornphotographer_0112newbornphotographer_0113newbornphotographer_0114



San Antonio newborn photographer Nancy Berger Photography is one of San Antonio’s favorite newborn photographers. Nancy uses natural light to capture the most beautiful newborn portraits that will be cherished for years and years to come. If you are considering newborn portraits for your newest addition Nancy may be the photographer for you.

Newborn are photographed in a natural light in home studio that is warm, full of beautiful light and couture props that are both vintage and hand made especially for newborns. The prop selection is kept fresh and no two babies have the same session. Each session is styled to match your favorite colors and taste.

You can book your session at or by emailing Nancy directly at


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