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Christmas Dream Session with Nancy Berger

December 13, 2016

Every since for 5 the last 5 years I have held the annual Christmas Dream sessions, and every year seems to be more and more fun!

This is my favorite time of year and I love love love seeing so many sweet littles and their families.

I have some brand new clients each year that are always sure to return and I have some sweet babies that have been coming to my

annual dream sessions since they were just a few months old. My heart is always so so full after these sessions.


This was Ava’s first ever session with me and she did not disappoint! What a cutie! newborn_photographer_0247newborn_photographer_0248

Oh my gosh, the last time I saw Ayson was during his newborn session! What!

And sweet Avery is such a beauty! Talk about little models, their entire session is adorable! newborn_photographer_0249newborn_photographer_0250newborn_photographer_0251newborn_photographer_0252

Trinity has been coming to my Christmas Dream sessions since she was just 6 months old!

Look how much she’s grown! newborn_photographer_0253newborn_photographer_0254newborn_photographer_0256

The Parkers are some of my favorite clients! I’ve been photographing Olivia since her 3rd birthday and I recently photographed her baby brother Caleb

for his newborn session. They are both so sweet ! newborn_photographer_0257newborn_photographer_0258newborn_photographer_0259newborn_photographer_0260newborn_photographer_0261newborn_photographer_0262newborn_photographer_0263newborn_photographer_0264

Julianna, um can you say baby model! Those baby blues!

I photographed Julianna as a newborn and then photographed her 1st birthday session. She is expecting a baby brother very soon and

I am so lucky, I get to photograph him as well!


Lawson and his sister! Seems like just yesterday that I was photographing his newborn session!

what a cutie patootie!!!


Big sister is always so good with her baby brother! newborn_photographer_0273newborn_photographer_0274

Luke was a model for me! Its my first time getting to photograph him and he’s a sweetheart! Hard to believe that he’s just 3 years old!newborn_photographer_0279newborn_photographer_0280newborn_photographer_0281newborn_photographer_0282

Oh Marleigh. Her mama has become one of my sweetest friends and clients. Hard to believe that she’s already a year old! You can see her

Cake Smash session here: newborn_photographer_0283

Ryder! Another of my adorable newborn clients! He is always so sweet and funny and full of laughs! newborn_photographer_0286newborn_photographer_0287newborn_photographer_0288newborn_photographer_0289newborn_photographer_0290

Malia and her sister Mia, oh gosh, no words needed. Malia was just in my studio for her newborn session and 6 month milestone session. 

Look at her sitting up all big!


OH Everly! She’s been in for several sessions this year and I am always so excited to see her! newborn_photographer_0296newborn_photographer_0297newborn_photographer_0298newborn_photographer_0299

Geoffry was just in for his newborn session a few months ago, and look how much he’s grown !


Oh sweet sweet Harper! She’s been with me for several years now and I just love her and her sweet family!

This is Harper’s 3rd year at my Christmas Dream sessions!


Oh gosh, those eyes!

You can view her newborn session here, what a doll!

newborn_photographer_0307newborn_photographer_0308newborn_photographer_0309newborn_photographer_0310newborn_photographer_0311newborn_photographer_0312newborn_photographer_0313Christmas Dream Sessions with Nancy Berger Photography

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