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Documenting My Own Children | Family Photographer

April 22, 2017

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As a photographer with three littles of my own I know what it means to have photographs of your children.

Not just the beautiful portraits that we can print and display forever, but ones that dig a little deeper.

Photographs that capture their little personalties, their quirks, and their sweetness. 

Sometimes I have to relax and let them, just be.

Let them be little and just document.

This session is from November of 2016 and I am just now taking a moment to look through the photos.

I forgot how much I loved this day, but my heart is full seeing their photos.


Even though I love a gorgeous sunset, overcast days are my absolute favorite. 

My sweet big girl is such an amazingly sweet big sister. She melts me. 

These two are sugar and spice and everything nice, most of the time!

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