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San Antonio Maternity Photographer

April 23, 2017

Filed in: Maternity

You know what I really love, I really love the miracle of life. I know, it sounds so cheesy, but gosh, there is a baby in this belly. A new life, created from love and she’ll come into this world and be her own little human, that is amazing. What else do I love?

I love families watching families grow. I love that I’ve been photographing this family for such a long time and

now, now they are having a baby!

Lexi is truly one of my favorite little clients, she is always so full of spunk and personality. She’s really

my little friend, and we were just born far too many years apart. She’s funny, and spunky and so sweet.  Surrounded by love.

And then of course, we took some time to soak up this gorgeous mama in all of her glowing

gorgeousness. I mean S T U N N I N G. 

I am so excited for this sweet family and I know I’ll see them again and again over the years. Such a beautiful journey.

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