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I love babies, sweet tea, fellow mamas and their life with littles.

Your memories are important to me, I know all too well that you can never have these days back. It goes by so quickly. 

This blog shows my most recent photography sessions, it's a great place to get a feel of what a full session gallery with me will look like. 

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H E L L O Bright eyes ! This sweet boy was wide eyed and ready to P A R T A Y ! And that was totally fine with me. He was so calm and sweet and finally gave in to my request to sleeep. His parents requested neutral colors, my favorite! Here is […]


After a long nine months of waiting and planning and baby prepping, your baby arrives and it will all slip by before you know it. You’ll promise to soak it all in and recall all the smallest moments, their baby smell, the weight of them in your arms, the way you feel holding them. You […]


Newborn Photography sessions truly warm my heart. I get to be creative and capture memories for families that I know they’ll cherish for years to come. I get to be a part of a moment in these family’s lives that is irreplaceable. Not only that, I get to be creative.  I love creating artwork and […]


I can’t think of a thing I love more than newborn sessions, they are truly my heart’s work. What comes really close are when my newborn session clients come back to see me for their milestone photography sessions. Seeing how much they’ve grown, how similar they look to the sweet newborn photos I captured, it […]

  Peppa Pig Cake SMASH!

  First birthday sessions are some of my favorite sessions, especially when my subject is a this adorable! Marie was such a sweet baby, she sat there and smiled and didn’t once try to crawl off or fuss.

Oh sweet Olivia is turning one year! Who would have known that when I used yellow for her newborn session that it would go right into her sunshine themed cake smash! Look at this cake! Olivia’s mama made it all on her own and it fit perfectly with my white cake stand. She’s been such […]