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New Braunfels Professional Newborn Photography Studio | newborn baby photographer

June 1, 2019

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I can’t put into words what it means to me to share my studio with you all.
At the beginning of my photography career I set out with certain goals in mind, my biggest goal was to open a store front studio. I had friends in the industry that I told about my idea and they thought I was crazy. Crazy to have the overhead/cost, crazy to want to dream so big. Why? They’d say, we are fine in our in home spaces, no need for that cost.
But, I just knew that I wanted something more for my clients and for my business.
Prior to this I was in my in home studio, it was large, but it wasn’t what I envisioned for my business.

My vision, was this.

This space right here.

I wanted a space for my clients to feel like they were special, like visiting my studio for their photographs was a retreat, an experience.

I want parents to come in and know that if they need anything I will have it on hand. I want my clients to know that if they arrive a little late for their newborn session, that’s okay! Because as a mom of three I know how hard it is to get out of the house at any stage.  If parents need an outfit for themselves or their little ones, I have it on hand. If you are hungry or thirsty, there are drinks and snacks. Bored ? Log into the 5G wifi and scroll through the gram, catch up on Netflix or put on one of my nearly 100 Disney and Children’s Movies for your littles. Forgot diapers or ran out of wipes!? No problem, I have you covered.

My hope is that my clients feel welcomed and comfortable here. I want this to be a magical place where children want to stay and play, where parents can nap and relax while I photograph their brand new babies and where memories are made and captured ❤️

Come See Me! I would LOVE to be YOUR Photographer!

Here is a look at my space, it is everything, me. Girly and simple, elegant with touches of whimsy that make it feel magical.

The studio is  just what I had envisioned and I am so very happy to welcome all of my clients here!!

Newborn Photography Studio located in New Braunfels Texas

Beautiful newborn baby photography studio

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